Move Better Feel Better

So much more than Pilates. Train for real life off the mat! 


I am less interested now in perfecting choreography and very interested in function. I want my body and yours to last a long time. I’m not interested in fitness fads and bootcamp style workouts. I don’t like the concept of levels. I want you to tune in to yourself completely for some self-care time while building a strong and functional body.

Build better movement habits for life in a way that is pleasurable, intelligent and effective!


I’ve come up with a unique blend based on movement science and rooted in my studies in Pilates, yoga and natural restorative movement. I know that in a very literal sense that if you don’t use it, you lose it!  So I’ve built a programme that allows you to ease your way into moving more and moving better while respecting your body’s current abilities.

Where to find me in the west end of Toronto for small group classes and privates

10 Heintzman Street Fridays at 4:30 PM-5:30 PM

Email here to book your spot or feel free to ask me any questions:

What people are saying


People who take my classes are always surprised how much better they feel afterwards. They say they feel they just had a massage. They tell me how relaxed they feel yet their muscles feel alive and strong. They don’t feel compressed. And yet we didn’t hurry. I didn’t bark orders out to work harder and we didn’t count any reps. People say they discovered muscles they’ve never used before! And they even get to rest for some of the class just feeling their bodies on the ground rather than hurrying through a frenzied workout!