Pilates and Restorative movement


Move Better to Feel Better

Adrienne Soles has come up with a unique movement blend rooted in her studies in Pilates, Restorative yoga and corrective exercise to help you feel better and move better –  all while being kind to yourself and your body’s unique needs. Every single exercise has been chosen as the exercise antidote to our tech dominated lifestyle! You will leave every class feeling more open and spacious yet stronger and more resilient. People often feel they have stretched or worked gently but very often feel muscles the next day they are not used to working!



Build better movement habits in a way that is pleasurable and effective

Adrienne has built a programme that takes the best from what she has learned in almost twenty years of studying movement to give you the exercises that work for a strong, pain free body. She shares they “why’ of every exercise so you know what you are trying to achieve. This way you can move in a deeper, more mindful and ultimately more successful way. Say good bye to all work and no play type of movement experiences – Adrienne’s classes are fun and supportive of your journey. And you will get results – whether that be to reduce pain, get stronger, de-stress or simply move better through the rest of your life.



Learn how to build your body up, not wear it out!

In today’s busy world, we really don’t have time for enough movement even if we spend an hour at the gym every day. And often people with good intentions get injured because they don’t have the pre- requisites necessary for fast paced classes.  Besides, going to the gym for punishing workouts isn’t sustainable and very often leads to overuse injuries and overdevelopment in muscles that look “good” on the outside but don’t actually help support our body from the inside for a pain free lifestyle.  Adrienne’s classes help you slow down and pay attention to how you are moving and breathing so you can work much deeper. Try a class now to experience a whole new way of working ” out”  while working “in”!




Email now to save your spot in a class, book a private or or ask any questions: adrienne.soles@gmail.com

10 Heintzman Street   in Toronto on Fridays at 4:30 PM-5:30 PM